Finding The Best Office Copiers

With technology's evolution, copying through carbon paper turned into digital photocopying that is a need in all offices which utilizes written documents. Chester Carlson, who was a researcher and liked to utilize his kitchen to do electrophotographic experiments, was able to invent office copiers after finding a way of duplicating documents by using electricity and light. He then patented his invention with the name 'Xerography'. Such technology has laid the foundations of those digitally improved office copiers that we use today.

Analog office copier

The electric copiers before were ineffective and slow. So as to make numerous copies, the document needed scanning every time, separately. Around 1950-1960, color toners have become available, although they were limited in quantity, so it's hard and expensive to find. So as to make these color toners commercial, the process of dye sublimation replaced the traditional electrostatic technology, so in 1968, colored office copier has become commercial and readily available.

Digital Office Copier

Later on, laser technology replaced all those older ones, making copying much more efficient. Today, the digital copiers come with features like save options and scan. After the data would be scanned and kept in the machine's internal memory, it's available anytime for printing later.

Since 2002, each digital copier comes with hard drive which keeps file of each copy made, faxed or scanned by it, allowing those office managers in keeping records of each employee's documents. Almost all office copiers have security codes too. Each employee would be assigned with a certain code, so as when a misconduct and ethical violation is done, the documents could be tracked to the employee through the code.

In addition, purchasing digital office solutions equipment like copiers from well-recognized brands can guarantee an excellent quality. Also, when unexpected malfunction happens, you would be having the warranty of the manufacturer so you can get it repaired without extra charges. But, the decision of what brand offers the ideal copiers for you will be based on your necessities and how many employees use the them.

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Multi-Purpose Copiers

When you're searching for new copiers, then the newest multi-purpose copiers might serve the purpose. This implies that aside from copying, they could also be used effectively for faxing, scanning and printing. These copiers would possibly cost a lot more, thus, you might like to see whether the extra cost would be justified with your business.

If you are looking for some copiers to be used in your office, always consider your necessities and budget to find the best one. Know the copiers prices here!